This is The Daily Show with David Duke

David Duke
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David Duke, Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, former member of the Louisiana State Legislature, convicted felon, has had a hell of a year compared to how well you would expect an ageing white supremacist to fare in our day and age. After making the endorsement that was heard around the world, Duk(KK)e became the official mascot of the 2016 Election. To this day, the media refuses to let President-elect Trump off the hook for this unsolicited association with the KKK. Now, David Duke, America’s most prominent white nationalist according to Vanity Fair, wants to host his own Daily Show spin-off.

David Duke’s Return From Obscurity

Duke founded the Louisiana Knights of the Ku Klux Klan fresh out of college in 1974 and named himself Grand Wizard. In 1980, he left the organisation because, to his surprise, the Klan attracts a special kind of violent loons, as he told The Daily Telegraph in a 2009 interview. Ironically, he had been convicted of starting a riot at a KKK meeting shortly beforehand. He would then proceed to make two unsuccessful bids for the Louisiana State Senate as a Democrat during the 70s.

In 1988, he competed in the Democratic Primary Election for President, gathering just 45,289 personal votes. Switching sides, he made it into the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1989 as a Republican, where he served a single term. He would spend the rest of 90s running more failed campaigns to become Governor, Senator, Congressman and President.

Of course, running for state and federal office is not cheap, and by the end of the 90’s Duke was running low on funds. Thus, claiming that he was was about to lose his house and livelihood, Duke started scamming soliciting funds from his followers through a mail fraud scheme for six years. Imagine it as a type of 90s Patreon set-up, but for white supremacists. Duke proceeded to gamble away most of these assets until he was convicted for bilking and tax fraud, and sentenced to more than a year in prison.

After a political hiatus, hosting his own radio show, blogging, and other white supremacist things, Duke suddenly made headlines in December 2015, praising Donald Trump’s performance during the GOP primary. In a CNN interview, Duke called Trump ‘the best of the lot’, but later added ‘I don’t think he’s trustable’.

In February 2016, Duke told his three listeners that voting not-Trump is ‘is really treason to your heritage’, but explicitly declined to make an official endorsement. Afterwards, a rare media frenzy occurred, as the burden of proof was laid upon Trump to distance himself from the Klan. When confronted at a news conference, Trump replied: ‘I didn’t even know he endorsed me. David Duke endorsed me? Okay, all right. I disavow, okay?’

Comeback and the 2016 Louisiana Senate Race

David Duke’s enthusiasm for Trump was not limited to calling upon his fringe following to support the candidate. He also tried to latch on to the Trump ballot and presented himself as an extreme extension of the ticket’s policy proposals. Despite numerous claims of outrage from the campaign, as they continuously tried to distance themselves from the one-man-klan, Duke chained himself to the Trump Pence ticket like a dead racist hooker.

Reinvigorated, Duke decided to give the U.S. Senate another shot. Eventually, all the free media exposure led to Duke breaking the 5% hurdle for attending the Louisiana Senate debate, which was held on 2 November at Dillard University, a historically black liberal arts college in New Orleans. Needless to say, Duke’s debate performance was a complete shit show, answering most policy questions by blaming either immigrants or Jewish people, and voicing some of his favourite conspiracy theories.

A clear debate highlight was the prolonged screaming match that ensured between Duke and the debate host after Republican candidate John Kennedy mentioned the formers’ criminal background. Kennedy made an especially triggering remark by mentioning his own ballot number followed by Duke’s inmate number. Duke then committed himself to a rant about how he was targeted by the Feds, and that the government has it out for truth-tellers. He then pulled out a stack of tax reforms, which he had kept hidden underneath his jacket all this time, claiming that they exonerate him of any wrongdoing, and something about the Feds owing him six grand.

Every person present is visibly unhappy about the fact that they have to argue with David Duke; however, Democratic candidate Caroline Fayad, takes it a step further. In response to a question regarding an attack ad against one of her opponents, who has apparently hung out with Duke, Fayad says: ‘There is no context in 2016 where it is even acceptable to have a conversation, either private or public forum, as this was, with a white supremacist, and then have a handshake that solidifies that.’

Indeed, in the current year, nobody must touch or talk to the KKK man.

A future Jon Stewart?

Duke did not even come close to winning the Louisiana Senate race, which will be concluded in December. However, Trump won the Presidency by landslide, so Duke cut his losses. Suddenly, a recent CNN article on Steve Bannon glossed over Duke’s biggest reveal to date: the creation of his very own Daily Show.

Duke, who last week lost his longshot bid for the US Senate seat from Louisiana, said he plans on expanding his radio show and is hoping to launch a 24 hour online news show with a similar approach to Comedy Central’s Daily Show. He argued Bannon’s position was among the most important in the White House. (Source)

Apparently, the 20-something-minute format of Comedy Central must have been insufficient to the Duke operation, has he mentions a 24-hour news show. Whether he will have co-hosts taking shifts, or we are in for a live cam big brother thing remains to be seen. However, he would have to work on his repertoire to include more than ‘than it’s because of immigrants’ and ‘the Jews are out to get me’. Possible returning segments could include ‘Back in Black Uniform’ and a short clip know as ‘Your Moment of Sieg’.