In Memoriam of Trump’s Enemies From the Primaries

Jeb Bush Primaries
By Michael Vadon -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Trump’s ascend to the Presidency wasn’t easy, it was littered with people on the Right, who stood in his way. Trump had a lot of enemies during the Primaries, and while it seems like the distant past it would be foolish not to reminisce and wonder just what became of a couple of them.

Jeb Bush

The first is none other than Jeb! ‘exclamation point is to provide excitement’ Bush. After Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012, the Republican autopsy of the failed campaign identified unpopularity with blacks and Hispanics as a major problem. Jeb! seemed like the perfect candidate to address that problem, having a Mexican wife and being fluent in Spanish, just like Tim Kaine. He was the establishment candidate in the Primaries, and he entered the race with a bottomless warchest. He was the establishment’s overwhelming choice to cruise through the diverse field of candidates to the nomination. Surely, Bush’s name and experience would propel him to the nomination to face Hillary in a battle to see who could be the least interesting candidate.

However, this happened:

The low energy Jeb! meme stuck, and he collapsed.


Jeb Bush was completely destroyed, dropping out of the race that he was expected to win before Super Tuesday had even begun. Jeb Bush’s career with regards to anything significant and political is finished. He represented everything that the populist revolt of 2016 hated: ties to special interest groups, and tired, recycled, watered down rhetoric.  His crushing defeat represented the first major victory in the Trump march to the White House.

In the process, Trump essentially destroyed the Bush political family.  It is now irrelevant in Republican politics, having never endorsed Trump. The Bush Syndicate will ever be taken seriously again.

Jeb! would be the first of many in the Conservative circuit to get mowed down by Trump.

Ben Shapiro

Another victim on Trump’s path to the White House is Ben Shapiro.

It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, Ben Shapiro was a rising star in what is now known as the alt-right. As a Breitbart contributor, he seemed to be in right spot at the right place during this Presidential Election.

But then something happened. After Trump’s big victories on March 8, Ben’s co-worker, Michelle Fields, was asking Trump a question about affirmative action when his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, gave her a firm tug on the arm. Michelle Fields claimed that she was violently assaulted in an attempt to censor her question. Breitbart addressed the situation with caution. For reasons unknown, Ben decided to side with Fields. Then, another angle of the ‘assault’ showed up on YouTube.


Overnight, the ‘assault’ story collapsed. He subsequently became an obscure anti-Hillary commentator who never fully reconciled with Trump.

Glenn Beck

An astronomical fall from grace would be Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck, a former radio talk host, gained attention in Conservative circles with his radio talk show in the 0’s.  He eventually transitioned to become a successful television host. He became a popular Conservative figure.

Things were going well for Glenn Beck.  He supported Ted Cruz in the 2016 Primary which, given his Conservative ideology, was a logical choice.  But then things got bizarre. As Trump’s victories and Ted Cruz’s losses piled up, Beck became increasingly unhinged. He became increasingly outspoken against Trump during the Primaries, resorting to increasingly hysterical rhetoric and absurd stunts.  He continuously doubled down until he achieved full meltdown status, which culminated with a bowl of Cheetos.

His posse all looked like idiot dads in some vapid sitcom. One could easily imagine one of them fumbling his way through a zany scheme to prevent his wife from figuring out he forget to get her an anniversary gift, while he spends most episodes in his man cave gobbling snacks and watching the NFL with his pals to the head-shaking of his wife.

Glenn Beck was last seen defending a vote for Hillary Clinton as a ‘moral, ethical choice’.  His career is now completely in tatters. The cause of his descent into complete insanity is difficult to pinpoint. Wasn’t Trump Christian enough for him? Was he that mad over the defeat of Ted Cruz? We will never know. It did make a for an interesting insight into a man descending into madness during the Primaries.