President-Elect’s Forgotten Constituency: Jihadists

Surprisingly, being the President for 'all Americans' excludes the local Afghani ISIS militia. Picture by The Once-Over, all rights reserved.

We are just 64 days away from the inauguration of President-elect Trump and some folks have been causing a ruckus in several large liberal college towns. However, one particular group of particularly disenfranchised non-voters has been continuously overlooked during this election season: Jihadists in the Middle East.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) did not make an official endorsement during the campaign season. Now, Abu Omar Khorasani, one of the group’s commanders in Afghanistan, suddenly joined the #nevertrump movement. In an interview with Reuters, Khorasani, elaborated that the President-elect is a ‘complete maniac’. Somehow, being an ISIS commander makes him uniquely qualified to make such a statement.

There is no word from the barbarous terror group on which of his campaign promises they are specifically opposed to.  Something tells us that is must be unrelated to the various accusations of misogyny or mistreatment of women made against Trump during the election. On the other hand, in the twisted world of ISIL, Clinton’s slogan ‘I’m With Her’ could have been misinterpreted as the act of not letting women leave the house unaccompanied.

Khorosani went on to say that him and his crack team of political analysts have been following the election cycle closely, as Reuters writes:

“Our leaders were closely following the U.S. election but it was unexpected that the Americans will dig their own graves and they did so,” said IS’s Khorasani, who described President Barack Obama as a moderate infidel with at least a little brain in comparison to Trump. (Source)

Apart from all the grave digging, we can find shelter in the fact that after eight years of drone wars over Afghanistan, as well as the elimination of bin Laden, Jihadists still only consider outgoing President a ‘moderate infidel’. Donald Trump, who has never ordered an air strike in his life, is probably already at ‘severe’ or ‘terminal’.

Does this mean that the group has been rooting for a Clinton Presidency all along? This might possibly be the worst type of endorsement short of a Klan chapter. On the other hand, it is an honourable condemnation.