The Internet Reaction to a Trump Win

Donald Trump reactions
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a monastery in Tibet, you would know by now that Trump won the election. Despite all odds, the Donald took the electoral college by storm. The internet and its various denizens were immediately frightened by the perceived prospect of being under the the rule of a mad dictator, a Trumpenführer if you may.

A quick search on the word ‘literally’ on Twitter gives you the insight to how much people (as much as you can call Millennials people), that literally, literally can’t even handle the reality of a Trumpocracy:

To fantasy authors using metaphors from Harry Potter, the book for teens in order to incite mass protests and insurrection. The Harry Potter metaphors was hard hitting this election year.



One could say that basing a worldview and filtering said worldview through a children’s book is stunted. It could also be that Harry Potter inspires a whole movement to rise up against Trump. That would truly be the biggest shocker this year, surpassing Brexit, Leicester’s Premier League win and the 2016 election.



Another interesting thing to come out of the election is the notion of California should exit the Union. It even has a horribly (Swedish) coloured site, although it predates the election results. Actually, the very concept of the ‘two Americas’ fantasy nation breakup predates this election. There’s just something about that colour coded Electoral College delegate maps that just make people want to break up the union when someone doesn’t get their way in a national election. #Calexit began to trend immediately after the results, despite its diuretic supplement sounding name.

You would also be the only state entirely without drinking water in a few years…

Then somebody named after Bernie Sanders’ favourite country suggested dragging Oregon and Washington into the mess, as there were clearly not enough micro-brew connoisseurs in California. Why he went with COW instead of WOC remains a mystery, as the latter has a better ring to it. Additionally, breaking free from the USA to join Canada was also on the table in cloud cuckoo land. Ottawa would surely be thrilled about the spontaneous 135% population increase.

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As in every election there was a ton of celebrities, both from A-Z list that threatened to move out of the country if their candidate didn’t get elected. This election was no different. People like Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham threatened to leave the country bereft of their massive talent if Donald got elected.

Amy Schumer said she was going to move to Spain, or London if Trump won. However, in this Instagram Post she claimed it was merely as joke.

Her joke being “My act will change because I will need to learn to speak Spanish. Because I will move to Spain or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s just too crazy.” As all can see, it has all the great hallmarks of a joke.

Another who claimed she would move out of the country is Lena Dunham. She was certainly not kidding around when she said she was moving to Canada, according to BustleShe even said so herself! “I know everyone’s always idly threatening this, but I’d be 100 percent moving to Canada.” However, there haven’t been any indicators yet as to when she would be packing her bags.

Miley Cyrus was another who claimed to move out if Trump got elected, in a teary Instagram Post to show she really meant business.

 However, she later posted a reaction video where she bend the knee to Trump and called him her President:

Michael Moore didn’t vow to leave the country, although he sees parallels with the Third Reich:

That seems like a harsh reaction.


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All in all, the election aftermath proved to be a tumultuous affair on the Internet, with Harry Potter metaphors, California Exit, and balking celebrities all in one big mix.