What’s All This About Aliens in the Emails of John Podesta?

John Podesta
Derivative of Public Domain and Lou133lou133 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], modifications not endorsed.

Amidst all the talk of illegal aliens during the 2016 presidential campaigns, John Podesta, the Chair of Clinton’s 2016 bid for the White House, thinks outside the constraints of man-made border, and gazes into worlds beyond our own. 

Who is John Podesta?

John can get totally maniacal and phobic on certain subjects. He’s been known to pick up the phone to call the Air Force and ask them what’s going on in Area 51.

… is what White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry told the Washington Post about his colleague John Podesta in 1998. Back then, ‘pod person’ Podesta was the deputy Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House. He was also the point man of the complex operation of saving his disgraced boss, who had recently been called out about lying to some people, and nothing else. A month after the interview, he was promoted to Chief of Staff, and cleared the President of any wrongdoing.

Bill Clinton
Or, rather, saved him from the firing squad.

Yet, his stint in the Clinton Administration was a launch pad (space pun) for his true passion: declassifying state secrets on Extraterrestrial Intelligence and pulling the covers from various UFO incidents. For instance, in 2002, according to WaPo, Podracer supported a Freedom of Information Act to make NASA release its records on the 1965 Kecksburgs, PA, UFO incident, yet came out short. Additionally, he personally advocated for more government transparency on the matter, obviously convinced that someone was hiding something.

In January, 2014, Podesta served as Counselor to the President in the Obama Administration for just a year before jumping ship to toil for the Clinton campaign. The Counselor position has since been terminated. Upon leaving, Podesta tweeted that his biggest regret of that year was failing to secure to disclosure of the UFO files. Fortunately, 2014 was such an uneventful year for the White House that one of its most senior advisers could devote his time to his Ufology hobby.

The Recent WikiLeaks Revelations

Russian Spy Assange and his clandestine FSB front WikiLeaks released several dumps of John Podesta’s emails this month. Among them were scathing but overwrought discussions on alien life that immediately sparked endless discussions of OMG E.T. CONFIRMED on internet message boards. However, what may seem like internal (shadow) government communication, are actually personal emails between Podesta and late Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell. Mitchell is the hero whom NASA officially calls ‘… a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.’ The issue being the aliens that live on the Moon, which Mitchell claims to have seen.

Like Podesta, Mitchell is a believer. And Mitchell REALLY believes. One of his emails, sent as Podesta was about to leave the Obama Administration, refers to ‘Disclosure’, ‘Zero Point Energy’, and bringing the Vatican on board (Tim Kaine?). Mitchell stresses the importance of international Space Treaties and the avoidance of conflict, as the Crimea Crisis was heating up around this time.

In his second email, dated August, 2015, when Podesta is already working as the Clinton Campaign Chair, Mitchell elaborates that the space arms race heating up would prevent humanity from obtaining Zero Point Energy. Peaceful aliens from the ‘contiguous universe’ would deny earth the technology should its aggressive behaviour continue.

Mitchell also attached a draft of an international treaty that he and a colleague of Wernher von Braun had been working on, titled ‘Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space’. In addition to banning all weapons from the Cosmos – literally creating the ultimate ‘Safe Space’ – the treaty also demands the creation of a new United Nations entity: The Peace in Space Office. How the UN would go about removing a Russian particle beam from orbit when they remain incapable of creating ceasefires on earth remains untouched.

The email reveals that Mitchell and Podesta had scheduled a Skype call for a thorough discussion. In a stroke of genius, this probably turned out to be the safest channel available, given that we now reading their mail. We do not know what call contained, but Mitchell’s talking points, also attached to second email, hint that it was a wild ride. Excerpt:

The truth about who we really are in these bodies, in our man-made or natural boundaries, on this planet and in the universes, will finally be revealed when the Cosmos Cultures can be and will be “invited” to land safely on our planet so they can share information that if also vitally important to our survival.  The shocking truth, that we are based on love and peace,  will wake people up.   Will it wake up the leaders who sign agreements, who are being seduced by offers of business and trade, technology transfer, and financial assistance to go to war? 

All we know is that Mitchell passed away less than six months after sending that email, on the eve of the day that he landed on the Moon 45 years earlier.