Clinton Email Techie, Paul Combetta Exposed?

Paul Combetta emails
Emails can be deceitful little things.

Clinton staff tech wizard Paul Combetta, also (allegedly) known by his World of Warcraft-y alias ‘Stonetear’, has been revealed to have gotten his savvy technological know-how from some not-so-savoury sources. Reddit has been quick to out the mole amongst them and have exposed Mr. Combetta’s deviant practices.

Comments from July 24, 2014, a time when Clinton enjoyed a solid reputation as an incorruptible politician and a spotless record as former US Secretary of State, indicate that Mr. Stonetear had an issue with covering up some emails for a ‘very important’ employer who must not be named. Specifically, Combstone wanted to know how to how to delete the sender’s email address from archived emails. In response, the good people of Reddit informed him that such was not possible in the real because of course it isn’t.

In Paultears defence, calling him an email wiper is simply plain wrong, seeing as the man simply wanted to hide the sender’s identity retroactively. This would be like sending a letter to your aunt, only to have a guy named something LARP-y like Stonetear come to your house and redact the sender on the envelope a few years later. What we would like to do is asking the hard questions. Questions like whether it is pronounced ‘stonetEER’ or ‘stonetAIR’.

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It seems that Mr. Stonetear is a furry to boot, a furry that dreams of making a litter of baby wolves in the beam of a kitch lamp.

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This was the question the famous Stonetear asked when crowdsourcing DYI deletion of mails for some VERY VIP. The humble bragging is a nice touch and adds to the clandestine atmosphere. But again, we emphasise, Stonetear’s employer could be ANYONE. The evidence that Paul Combetta has been linked to username is circumstantial at best. The fact that he used to work for Platte River Works, the company that hosted Clinton’s private e-mail server, as well Stonetear himself stonewalling through his Justice Department immunity deal is equally inconclusive.