Bros4Hillary, Progressive Bro Allies of Hillary

Hillary Clinton, Queen of Bros4Hillary
By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Hillary Clinton, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Hillary has been struggling for a long time with the millennial demographic.Enter Bros4Hillary, a group of dedicated millennial bros, who surely aren’t paid shills. These bros are super pumped about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, progressive, and are angry at how tarnished the ‘bro’ word is. We keep hearing about the sexist, misogynist bros that are staunch supporters of Bernie Sanders in the media. Therefore, we keep wondering as to how the bros supporting Hillary Clinton are different. From their about:

Our mission is to promote the multitude of social and critical issues platform introduced and supported by our Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. … include emotions like inclusiveness, love, kindness, and connection.  

It appears that these brosephs took out some time of their busy schedule of keg stands, partying and being frat boys to talk about have a sit down and have a chat about critical issues. The site appears hip, with menu that boasts categories such as ‘brosblog’ and ‘memes’. Especially the ‘meme’ part will surely attract the millennial demographic since that cohort loves memes.

Can they get more bros to rally behind their Be Respectful to Others (BRO) slogan? Only time will tell.